So, the other day there was this huge ass blizzard in my country, and a bunch of folks became snowed in on the road in the middle of nowhere.

However, since unscheduled parliamentary elections were announced like five days ago, some politicians, namely the 'first deputy head of parliament' (which, I am certain, like 'consulting detective' is a position invented and held by only one man - its inventor) Aleksandar Vučić, rushed to the reap some publicity by helping out.

And then the internet went apeshit. People began making hilarious montages and photoshoping Vučić into any and all superhero and sf contexts, and it is fucking priceless. Here are some of the best ones, in no particular order:


(the caption on this one means when it's cold - Vučić, also note the squirrel from Ice age in the lower left-hand corner)


(PPv stands for prvi potpredsednik vlade - the invented political position this dude occupies, and Feketić is the village near which the whole thing took place)


(he likes to do this with his hands in interviews)

The whole thing took a not-so-funny turn, when people began using the video footage of the events that aired on the news and dubbing it over or writing ridiculous captions. Within hours most of the videos were removed, and some of the youtube users who had uploaded them got their accounts suspended. This in turn sparked an outrage and effectively annulled any political points Vučić might have gained with his (staged) heroism. Which is just as well, since the guy is an asshole.